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About Us

Building innovative $80,000+ custom off-road sand cars for the world.

Our expertise shows our 30 years of racing and off-road experience.

Andrew Buck’s ability to design, fabricate and lead a team has created one of the most successful, industry known and respected off-road/sand car manufacturing company’s. This same team that is harnessed each day to build innovative $80,000 custom ff-road/sand cars, also extends their talents in performing quick wrenches, and reliable assistance for the Buckshot Racing Team.

Andrew is widely known for his extreme talents & lifestyle of building some of the most dynamic and performance driven off-road cars in the world, while putting them to the absolute test.

In 2004, Andrew broke his back after falling short of a 90 ft double jump in his very own Buckshot Racing X-5 ( 5 Seat Off-Road/Sand Car). No one thought they would see Andrew in the ever popular Glamis Dunes again (over 300,000 visitors on a holiday weekend). A defeat? No. Inspired by Andrew’s competitive, extreme and marketable nature, along with a quick recovery, Monster Energy Drink committed to the first sponsorship of a non-competing off-road/sand car. Their thoughts, Extreme Exposure!

Business and Race Operations are housed in the Buckshot Racing 20,000 sq. ft. facility. It is complete with all tools and equipment to build, maintain, and store all race and support vehicles/equipment, including the Buckshot Racing Transporter (All vehicles available for complete paint and your company graphics).

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