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  1. Check & clean all filters, replace if necessary.
  2. Remove & replace old gas. (stagnant gas looses octane & can harm engine)
  3. Inspect, clean & re-grease front wheel bearings.
  4. Check all brake pads, calipers and mounting bolts for damage and or wear.
  5. Check all suspension pivot points& heim joints. Replace if signs of cracking or excessive wear.
  6. At least once a year check CV’s by pulling boots off and re-greasing.
  7. Check tire pressure often, 15-17 LBS front& rear for sand.
  8. Check & replace all fluid levels.
  9. Check & torque all lug nuts to 60 LBS. Check often.
  10. Check & re-torque CV inner & outer retaining bolts.
  11. Check all seat belts for stress and or rips. Check & tighten mounting bolts.
  12. Check & tighten steering linkage from rack.